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Posting on Creeping Sharia

Posting on Creeping Sharia.I cannot comment on creeping sharia posts. Is wordpress and creeping sharia sensoring? I used to comment on their posts frequently till I was abruptly cut off. how can I find out if they are censoring?


Posting on Creeping Sharia

I cannot comment on the creeping sharia posts. IĀ used to comment on them frequently and all of the sudden I was cut off. Are they sensoring? I emailed three times to no avail. I spoke with a customer rep online who was suppose to email me with the problem but she just sent me a response telling me to email again.How may I find out what the problem is or if they are merely sensoring?


Creeping Sharia…

Creeping Sharia will not post my comments although they say they have been posted. If I try to post it a second time they say I have already posted that however they are not posted. ARE THEY SENSORING AND IS THIS COMMON FOR WORDPRESS AND CREEPING SHARIA? Since they have no CONTACT US on their site in which to inquire, one can only come to the conclusion that they are “politically correct” and are sensoring.